LaneSTARNetwork PaperClip32 Document Management Software




LaneSTAR Network uses PaperClip32software plus, hardware and peripherals that best suit your individual requirements


  • LaneSTAR Network incorporates the functionality of PaperClip32, letting workgroups and departments centrally manage information no matter where it's stored on the LAN or WAN.
  • Unlike other systemsLaneSTAR Networksaves the cost of software development and proprietary system integration, by working transparently with off-the-shelf, custom or host-based applications using PaperClip's  Visual Context ProcessorTM technology.
  • Provides efficient central access to related information from multiple applications.
  • Minimizes training by storing related information in a familiar filing structure: file cabinet, drawer, folder and document.
  • Completely automates filing process and prevents filing mistakes by extracting previously- defined document indices from an application's visual display.
  • Implementation flexibility allows you to expand the number of users and storage capacity in your system as needed.
  • Efficiently handles high-volume, paper-intensive transactions daily through unique production-oriented indexing capability.
  • Open architecture provides the ability to upgrade or replace software and peripheral devices without programming or cumbersome reconfiguration.
  • Increases productivity by allowing simultaneous and rapid retrieval of documents and images by multiple users.
  • Eliminates space-consuming paper files, time-consuming paper file searches and minimizes document loss.
  • Powerful integrated document management features that allow you to:
  • Instantly jump from an application to specific folders containing all related information,
  • Create software files from within any PaperClip folder or link software files to folders in an ad hoc fashion.
  • Use external data to index and import folders, images, and software documents automatically via an Auto Import Utility.
  • Hot-key from any program to your "Custom Cabinet" containing folders of documents located on your network.
  • Chose peripherals that best fit your needs.
  • Handles any document type using your favorite applications. Combine scanned images, graphics, video, sound, word processing, spreadsheet and other software files in one efficient system.
  • Scan, fax, OCR, file, retrieve, print, and route information.
  • Efficiently store documents using a variety of technologies including removable hard drives, CDs, optical drives, optical jukeboxes, multiple servers, HSM, and more.
  • Construct search criteria to quickly locate documents and folders.
  • Attach on-image notes to imaged documents.
  • Protect sensitive documents through drawer, folder and document level ownership and user privileges.
  • Store pointers to multiple copies of the same document in different folders and drawers.
  • Distribute information through manual and semi-automatic workflow




System Requirements

DOS 6.2 and Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT

Sybase SQL Anywhere, MS SQL, Oracle,

File Server

Novell NetWare 3 . lx (NetBIOS or IPX)

 Microsoft NT Server 3.51

Object Server

Any IBM Compatible Pentium workstation: 16 MB RAM

1Gig. hard drive

MO, or WORM optical disk storage system or jukebox (supported SCSI interface required, jukebox  drivers additional)



Any IBM Compatible 486+ recommended 8 MB MM, (12 MB recommended) VGA/SVGA display

CAS compatible fax modem (optional)


 HP compatible laser printer 2+ MB MM


Supports a variety of scanners ranging from low-to-high volume

Fax Interface

CAS compatible fax products or Windows Messaging compatible

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