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Monroe Bond Calculator 1980 Device

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Lane Bond Trader

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The Lane Bond Trader Model 2100

has become the standard tool

to perform complex & accurate bond calculations.

Lane Instruction Manual For 2100

Lane Instruction Manual For iPad

Basic Price & Yield Calculations

Lane Bond Calculators calculate the following:

Price or yield to Par, Call, Premium Call and Maturity
Price or yield to Dated Issues

Current yield and Money Market yield
Bond equivalent yield and Yield to Conversion
After tax yield
Value of a Basis Point
Portfolio Analysis

Security Types

Municipal Corporate
Government Agency
Stepped Coupon Notes
Certificate of Deposit Treasury Bills
Medium Term Notes Eurobonds
PIK Bonds PIK Stocks
Unit Trust Preferred Stock
Monthly Coupon Bond Quarterly Coupon Bond
Term CD European Securities
Mortgage Backed Securities Canadian Bonds
Aussie Gilts Canadian T Bills
Japanese Governments

Lane Service

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Lane Service personnel with 50 plus years of experience, service the following:

Monroe Lane

Elgin Data Compucorp

And, no one is more qualified in this area.

Lane also has an in-house programming staff ready to meet the needs of an ever-changing market place.

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Lane for Windows

Lane for Windows

All of the features of the Lane Bond Trader

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Touch Screen Capability

Swap Module

Present and Future Value Calculations


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